As you we also were a while back looking for consistent data regarding cryptocurrency.
Our search resulted in expensive services wich in the end were offering just to little for to much, especially when one is just starting.
Not agreeing with what is being offered we started engaging our IT guru to build a army of scrapers.
While we gather that data and spend time analyzing it we want to take the opportunity to offer you the benefit of our army of scrapers.
What at the moment is being offered is just the tip of the iceberg, we are still looking in the delivery process and will expand the offers with time.
To start measuring the load on the servers we also offer a limited amount of packages where we will add more incrementally.
Let us also know what kind of data you would be interested in at I@excelcryptocurrency.com

Over 340 Pairs from Binance!

Free Excel API Macro

Connect our API in excel and massage and analyze the data the easy way.

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Showing all 5 results