As i am just getting started with exploring the depths of hats i want to try to not re-invent the wheel.
Instead i will develop the strongest ideas one proposes to me and hope to create something all can benefit.

As for any magic trick the quantity needs to be managed for it to be working.
Therefore i shall limit the keys that are integrated with the tools with a quantity.
When enough interest is awoken for a certain project i will sell the tools to get some cofffee money.
(The contributors already with a key will be able to keep them!)

Please post suggestions / Bugs in the forum where you found this.
Futures i have been thinking about:
-Mouse movement
-Change search engine
-Change user-Agent

I will maintain this page to keep of version log.

Granker V 0.1:

Purpose of the tool: To replicate organic traffic trough a tool to “Mywebsite”

See how it works and how to use it:

Notes from the Video:
1: Fill in the Key for authorization
2: For example purpose i change the resolution to be all the same.
3: Fill in the keywords to look for
3: Adjust the settings to liking.

If you want to rotate ip’s, i have build in hide my ass. As their app works the best together with vba.
IP Switch mode:
Use Specific Version: HMA-Pro-VPN-

To Stop the tool:
Smash escape 🙂
Close the Ie browser with Alt+f4

Windows 10 64 bit
Microsoft office older then 2003
Internet explorer

As i have compiled the Macro file with a trial of a compiler you will see some ads, If there will be any interest for such tools i will invest in a full tool.
I have used: for compiling.
Virus Total does show 3 engines detected, i opened a ticket with them to take a look.

Virus Total Scan:

Get your Key here:



Google Ranker

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