Ripple Price Prediction: 2022, 2025, and 2030, XRP Top Technical Analysis


XRP has grown in popularity since its founding in 2012. Today, XRP prides itself as a faster, less costly, and scalable form of a digital asset that runs on the XRP ledger technology, an open-source, decentralized blockchain technology that can settle transactions in 3-5 seconds.

Ripple overview

One of the best ways to predict the future of a cryptocurrency is by looking at its history, underlying fundamentals and the technology that runs it.

Ripple was designed as a currency for a centralized payment system at its core. This has mostly put it at odds with the larger cryptocurrency community, which argues that it is not equivalent to other cryptocurrencies. Ripple also focuses on bank-to-bank transactions, business-to-business transfers, and peer-to-peer transfers.

History of Ripple

Long before the Bitcoin blockchain was ever formed, a money transfer technology company known as Ripplepay existed. The company was founded by Ryan Fugger, a software developer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Ripplepay allowed its clients the ability to transact money around the world. Although the company was running on blockchain technology, its goals were very similar to what Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned.

This was even acknowledged by Satoshi Nakamoto, who said that Ripplepay was the only other platform that he knew of that operated like his Bitcoin.

The company continued to operate until 2012 when Fugger sold it to Jed McCaleb, Arthur Britto and David Schwartz. They wanted to use the company’s underlying technology for their future digital currency network. After the sale, the company was renamed OpenCoin.

OpenCoin would later use the Ripplepay source code to develop what has now come to be known as Ripple (XRP).

During the development process, 100 billion ripple coins were pre-mined by its founders. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, where new coins are introduced through mining, Ripple management is the only one that can release the coins to be traded.

Today Ripple labs, formerly Opencoin, still owns 60 per cent of the 100 billion Ripple coins that were pre-mined. They also have a rule where the Ripple management can only release one billion coins per month. The unused balance is then rolled over into a new escrow, which is not released until the first month in which no escrow is scheduled for release.

Ripple solutions

Since 2004, long before blockchain technology was adopted and the Ripple started experimenting with decentralized and blockchain technology, its founder had one mission, to make the transfer of money across the globe as seamless as possible.

This objective is still at the core of Ripple and XRP cryptocurrency. Today, Ripple aims to provide an efficient system for the direct transfer of money in real-time while still being cheaper, more secure, and more transparent than their competitors from the traditional financial markets.

Ripple also uses a concept known as the Internet of Value, which is pegged on the philosophy that people should be able to transfer money and information at the same speed.

To achieve this, they have created a series of services under the Ripple brand umbrella. These include services such as RippleNet, XRP Ledger, the XRP coin and RippleX.

Ripple price history

Until 2017, when the prices of Ripple started to rise, the crypto had remained almost inconsequential, trading at below $0.01.

However, this quickly changed in 2017, when it started gaining wide exposure coverage, and at one point, it was the third-largest cryptocurrency by market value.

By 2018, the crypto had hit its all-time high of $3.84, which was soon followed by a massive 75 per cent drop in value in the weeks following the record highs.

Today, the crypto has never recovered to its 2018 levels and currently trades at below a dollar.

Ripple price prediction for 2022

Currently, XRP is trading at $0.5902, opening today’s trading session at 0.60100.

Today’s trading session marks the second consecutive day that XRP is bearish. However, the prices have been trading sideways since January 21, when the prices set a new price low of $0.5511 and failed to break the new support levels on January 23.

Looking at the daily chart, although today’s prices are bearish, the crypto has been trading sideways, pausing its long-term push to the downward. The downward movement is also not aggressive, and since the XRP prices are bouncing off a short-term support level, there is a huge possibility that the crypto trend is reversing and starting a new bullish move.

In the coming days, I expect the prices of XRP to start moving towards the $0.8737 resistance level. However, if the prices break this level, I expect the bullish trend to continue and my Ripple price prediction for 2022 to be bullish.

However, suppose the current prices continue with their downward trend towards the recently set support level of $0.5511. In that case, my analysis will be invalidated, which will mean the bearish move is not yet over.

Ripple price prediction 2025

The best predictor of how much XRP will be worth is it’s fundamental.

Unfortunately, since 2020, Ripple and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have been embroiled in legal battles arising from how Ripple classifies itself.

Luckily, the almost two years of legal battle have not significantly impacted Ripple trading. Instead, the prices have traded steadily in comparison with other cryptocurrencies.

However, the legal problems are still active, and in the foreseeable future, the SEC lawsuit against Ripple may come to define the success or failure of the cryptocurrency. With many experts chiming that the legal battle may continue to 2023 or even 2024, my predictions may fail to consider the final ruling of the courts of law.

HOWEVER, the CEO of Ripple has had a say on where he expects the crypto to be in 2025, indicating that it will be the Amazon of cryptocurrencies.

Based on analysis of what other experts have proposed, my conservative figure is that XRPUSD will be trading at around $1.39 in 2025, and the prices will have risen to $2.7 by 2030.

The analysis is close to what researchers at DigitalCoin price opine. Their analysis indicates that the coin will be trading at $1.41 in 2025 and around $2.54 by 2030.

Traders at Wallet investor’s Ripple price prediction 2025 shows the prices of XRPUSD will have hit $3. However, the prices will remain below the $4 mark and might not move past the $4 mark.

Other experts such as CoinPrice have also opined that Ripple’s price prediction for 2025 will be closer to the $4 mark at the beginning of the year, and the crypto prices may end up closing at $4.76during that year. The group also indicates a long-term bearish move by 2030, which may mean XRPUSD will be below $4.

Combining all these analyses shows that, realistically, investors can expect the prices of Ripple to be anywhere between $1.39 to $4 in 2025 and $2.7 to 4.5 dollars by 2030.


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